Replacing your garage doors can be pretty expensive, fortunately there may be a less expensive alternative.  Your garage doors have panels and if there is damage to one of the panels then you may not need to replace the whole thing just one of the panels. Replacing the broken panel can make the whole door look new again.

We can show you how to replace the panels on your own garage doors but it may be easier to bring in Portes Garage Door Repair to take care of it for you.  If you have an older set of garage doors then it may be the case that you need more than a panel replaced.  A professional is able to detect if the other components are wearing out.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

If you want to handle the job yourself then there are a couple of tools that you are going to need.  Don’t worry there is nothing special involved and most homeowners already have these tools on hand.  You will need a hammer, vice grips, drill, a ladder and a ratchet wrench.  Don’t remove any of the panels until you have the new ones on hand to replace them.

Start by disconnecting the power to your garage door so no one can open it by accident while you are working on it.  Next you want to remove the tension from the springs being very careful as you do this.  Replacing a panel isn’t a complicated repair but you can still get hurt if you aren’t cautious.

Panel Replacement

If you ding your garage doors with your car and have dented one of the panels then simply replacing that panel is the best solution. Your garage doors will look brand new again.  If you have older doors that have spent years being exposed to the sun and weather then replacing one panel may make your doors look awkward.  It can be hard to match the color and if you even manage to find a panel in the original color the rest of your door may have been faded by the sun and the repair will look obvious.

While you can replace the panel yourself if you want your garage door to look their best then calling in the pros at Portes Garage Door Repair is the best option.  They can make sure the job is done safely and you can rest assured that your garage doors will work perfectly when they are done.