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Scratched Glass Repair

Glasses get scratched unnoticed from time to time. Although residential and commercial glasses, especially glass doors and windows, are built to withstand tension and breakage, they can easily get scratched from rough routine cleaning and maintenance, a light collision, etc. When the scratch occurs, it’s at first unnoticeable until the sunlight pours in and hits it at the right angle. It is then you see it. Your beautiful glass is clawed with scratches.

Professional glass restoration: Digging out the damn claws

Glasses are commonly used because of the beauty they add to the interior and exterior designs, so it’s understandable when you feel disgusted by those scratches. While some choose to ignore the ‘little’ situation, some scratches are so ugly that it’d have even been better for the glass to shatter completely. But you don’t have to condemn the glass yet. There’s a restoration called scratched glass repair.

Five benefits of calling us for your residential and commercial glass restoration

Hiring a glass restoration consulting expert is as delicate as when you bought and installed your glass for the first time. You will find many things online to look out for when you want to make your glass repairs. Some glass restoration products could solve your scratched glass problem. But all these won’t work if you don’t have experts to fix the scratch. Below are 5 of the many benefits you enjoy when you hire us for residential glass repair and commercial glass polishing.

  1. We offer the best pricing and guarantee package.

It’s cheaper to fix a scratched glass than to abandon it to further damage. With us, it’s even way less expensive to unscratch those ugly scratch marks. Our scratched glass repair is much less expensive than other repairers; and far less than the cost of replacing. Depending on the glass type, severity of the scratch, and others, our glass restoration pricing goes for a paltry sum of $15-$25 per square. Our guarantee package is also attractive.

  1. We offer the best expertise.

You cannot gamble with fixing your scratched glass. An amateurish repairer may ruin the glass further. At Unscratch the Surface, we have a team of hands-on experts who understand the science or miracle of your scratched glass headache. They know how to extract minute quantities of glass from the glass surface and uniformly feather out over the scratched area. It is a very delicate process that must be handled by the best of the best. The truth is that a scratch isn’t the end of your exquisite glass, but in the wrong hands, you can as well budget money for a new glass!

  1. We deliver on time

Our scratched glass repair is quicker than most other glass repairers. Whether it’s your windowpane, large glass door, or partition, we deliver on time. But this will never be at the expense of a clean job. We take speed seriously so that you can have your house back from the droning noise of our repair machines and other tools. Under ideal conditions, we can unscratch/fix your clawed glass 100 square feet per day. We’ve even clocked 179 SF per/day before! As you can see, this is way better than what others can offer.

  1. We fix all types of glass. 

We offer un-scratching solutions for all types of glass. Whether your glass is annealed, tempered (Safety), laminated, dual pane, Hurricane Impact Glass, and so on, we’re the best place.

  1. We have a lot of positive reviews.

We have worked with residential homeowners and commercial/industrial businesses to fix their scratched glass in California, Texas, New York, and elsewhere. Join our list of satisfied clients. Our unrivaled reputation and hands-on experience are what puts us above the rest of the pack.

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Scratched Glass Repair

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