At Cool-Off, our cooling experts believe we sell the best misting systems in Scottsdale- and we are committed to helping every customer find a set-up that’s perfect for their outdoor spaces. Whether you need a mister to cool off a patio area, are feeling the heat while you’re trying to grill out, or simply want to create a cool oasis for friends and family to enjoy, we have just what you’re looking for in our inventory. Our misting systems are durable, easy to install, and designed to provide many years of cool respite from the dry Scotsdale heat. Check out all of our systems online at Cool-Off.

5 Things About Misting Systems You May Not Know

1. Cool-Off’s misting systems for sale online are extremely efficient. If you live in Scottsdale, your summer cooling bills are most likely astronomical due to the rising costs of energy. A misting system will help you save money all summer long by enabling you to create an outdoor zone that is comfortable for everyone. Our misters are very affordable, are easy to set up, and make it possible for our customers to minimize A/C hours of operation during the day. Feel free to look over all of our home misting systems in Scottsdale.

2. The best water cooling systems can go where you go. Cool-Off sells portable misting systems in Scottsdale that will go anywhere you go during the summer, whether it’s at a cook-out at a friend’s house, an outdoor sporting event, or a day at the park. Don’t be surprised if you become the center of attention with one of our portable set-ups; once others around you notice that you’re not sweating or complaining about unbearable temperatures, they may want to get in on a good thing and share your personal mist. Our portable misting system can cool off your entire group!

3. Outdoor water misting equipment effectively controls dust and air smog. If you live in an area of Arizona where dust is a big problem, mist will provide sufficient control to the extent that you will be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces to a greater degree. Misting systems in Scottsdale and surrounding areas are a must during the arid summers when dust in the air makes it difficult to breathe when outside.

4. Some of the best misting systems can be used at commercial locations. Do you run a construction company that can never keep enough workers on the job-site? Installing a cooling station can make a big difference for your contractors. Being able to get out of the heat throughout the day will give all of your workers a high morale and will keep your construction project moving forward with no delays due to the heat.

5. Suppliers online sell water misting accessories and parts. Cool-Off’s misting systems are cost-effective; whatever your budget, there’s an affordable set-up available to you through our website. Check into our DIY parts and accessories to build your own low-cost system; you’ll find assistance from our team as well as support when you use our ‘Ask The Experts’ link online.

Shop all of our products online or reach out to us by phone at 800-504-6478 with any questions. You’re not alone as you search for the perfect mister for home or commercial use- our team is here for you at every step of the way.

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