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The Gradall forklift is popular is due to its strength, reliability, and low maintenance. To get the most out of your investment, you will need to carry out regular maintenance. Knowing the parts of your forklift will help you communicate effectively with your maintenance technician. Here are some of the Gradall forklift parts we have in our inventory.

Application-Based Components

Our mirrors enable operators to view all angles and directions when operating heavy machinery. They help to decrease the physical strain on the neck and head. Our backup alarms are designed to warn workers and pedestrians around you when reversing. Strobes/flashlight illuminate when the forklift is in reverse or operation. It gives an additional visual indicator that the truck is changing speed, direction, or about to start moving.


A folk positioner allows you to adjust the forks when handling pallets of different sizes. It moves the folks individually or together, close to one another or further apart. A side shifter is a mechanism on the forklift that allows you to move the load from side to side. It is useful when working in a squeezed environment for positioning the rack’s load without moving the truck.


Gradall folk lift comes with an adjustable seat to keep you healthy and productive thought the day. The backrest looks like a rack bolted or welded to the carriage. It helps to keep you safe by preventing the load’s backward movement when lifting objects.

The counterweight prevents the forklift from tilting forward when lifting or carrying the load. In addition, folks protrude from the forklift and support the load from the bottom. They adjust from right to left to give the desired width.

The cab houses the truck’s safety devices and acts as the cockpit for controlling all the truck’s operations. The overhead guard is a guard-like roof that prevents large objects from falling onto the cab.

The carriage is a platform on the front of the forklift that mounts objects controlled by the mast. These objects include load backrest, fork, and other features that are in contact with the load. The mast lifts and lowers the load. Its interlocking rails provide lateral stability.

The tilt cylinder is mounted on the mast and truck frame. It adjusts all the forward and backward tilt of the forks, mast, and carriage. On the other hand, the hydraulic lift cylinder helps to control the vertical lift of the mast.


Steer tire found at the rear part of the fork help the forklift swing in a circular motion around the front wheels that carries the loads’ weight. It allows you to turn the forklift into the proper position when carrying a load. The drive tires are located in the front of the truck and do not turn on a radius. They offer stability to your truck.

Trust the high-powered Gradall forklift for durability and high-performance lifting. You can purchase Gradall heavy equipment parts and accessories from Gradall product support services dealers. Also, check the Gradall hydraulic excavator’s service for more details on Gradall OEM parts.

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Gradall Parts

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