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Glass and windows are essential elements in your home or business. Thanks to windows, you can protect the interior of spaces while allowing natural light to pass through. Also, you can use glass as a decorative element in a variety of interior property spaces. However, despite its beauty and all the properties that glass can bring to your home or business, they are fragile materials that can be damaged at some point.

If the glass is damaged every time it needs to be replaced, the expense is significant. Fortunately, top-of-the-line companies in the industry like Glasshoper Glass offer top glass repair in Montgomery Illinois. You should know what types of glass we can service, and what innovative techniques we use to repair them.

What is Glass Repair in Montgomery IL?

It is a process of restoring the properties of glass, including refraction, translucency, and brilliance. Using state-of-the-art techniques, our expert glaziers restore the top condition of glass and windows that have been damaged by weathering or an unexpected event.

What Types of Glass We can Repair at Glasshopper Glass?

  • Monolithic glass: these are the most common glass and mirrors, they are simple materials that are generally used in low-quality windows. They have little ability to regulate temperatures, so they are not recommended for use in exterior windows.
  • Laminated glass: this is a composite glass, i.e., it is formed with two individual sheets that are pressed together, sandwiching between them sheets of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to form a single uniform sheet of greater strength. They are usually used in exteriors, to provide greater security.
  • Double Glazing glass: these are also formed by two separate sheets of glass, but instead of a PVB sheet between them there is a hermetically sealed dehydrated air chamber.
  • Tempered glass: also called safety glass, they are highly resistant, thanks to their manufacturing technique. In the event of a strong impact, they break into very small particles, which prevent cuts.
  • Float glass: manufactured from complex mixtures of vitrifying compounds, fluxes, and stabilizers. They are the most common for use in home windows.

What Techniques Do We Use to Repair Your Glass?


As the best of scratched and stained glass repair companies, Glasshopper Glass offers a state-of-the-art glass polishing system. We use a combination of abrasive elements with polishing discs that completely restore the glass to its original condition. It can be used on all types of glass, and with it, you can restore 75% to 95% of your glass without replacing it.


This technique applies only to laminated glass. We can restore the top condition of your laminated glasses (panoramic windows, for example) to eliminate breakage due to impacts. For this, we use the resin injection and heating system that restores the condition of the glass, and that only a small variation of uniformity between 10-15% will be perceived.

Trust the Best

If you’re looking for the best auto glass replacement, glass repair, or glass replacement in Montgomery Il, you’re in the right place. For more than a century Glasshopper Glass has successfully served its clientele in the region, being the reference company in the industry. Let us provide you with top-quality service. Call us for a free estimate or service.

Glass Repair Montgomery Illinois

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Glass Repair Montgomery Illinois

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