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It can be confusing as to who you should hire for your construction project. For example, you might wonder if you should be exploring Columbus construction companies or if a handyman will do for your job. You might even think about hiring someone in a specialized trade. Ultimately, it comes down to the list of things that you want to have done. You will need to find someone with the right skill set, training, and licensing to do the job for you.

A good rule of thumb when deciding to use a handyman service or a general contractor depends on the size of the job you have at hand. If you’ve got a small honey-do list type thing that could be billed out at an hourly rate, this might be a good job for a handyman. When you are thinking about remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, for example, these are times when you should think about Columbus construction companies.

Add My Handyman to Your List of Columbus Construction Companies

The good news is that My Handyman can perform all construction tasks for you – both handyman-related tasks and larger construction tasks. We are not your ordinary handyman company! We have the licenses, the training, the experience, the tools, the equipment, the resources, the men, and everything else that is needed to perform all tasks, minor or major.

Why Hire My Handyman Over Other Columbus Construction Companies?

There are several reasons why choosing My Handyman makes more sense, not the least of which is the fact that we can save you valuable time and money. How so?

Let’s say you have a larger project at hand, such as a new home addition or a home remodeling project. This is a project that is surely going to require the services of multiple experts from different trades. This means that you’ll either have to hire a contractor or hire and manage all of them yourself. This means more money spent and more time to get the job done. When you hire My Handyman, we can perform all of the functions of your job in-house.

We Offer Emergency Services

My Handyman is one of the few Columbus construction companies that provide emergency services. If your home is damaged by natural or man-made causes, we can help you process your insurance claim, inspect your home, and get it cleaned up and repaired in no time.

Choose My Handyman

Whether you need home maintenance, emergency services, home repair, storm damage cleanup, remodeling, or any other kind of handyman/construction services, make My Handyman your go-to choice.

Contact us today if you are looking for the best Columbus construction companies. We’d be honored to discuss your project with you. We’ll even come to your home and provide you with a free estimate. When you choose My Handyman, we want you to know that you are in good hands. We work hard, fast, efficiently, and safely.

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